I Remember…….


I remember the time, when I was so young,
It’s a good solid cliché, it rolls off my tongue.
When big metal computers filled a room on a floor,
Windows arrived, it turned into a door.
Then came the internet yes it was true
It took away boring and changed what we do.

I remember when the world was only my town,
Where there lived the Jones, Smiths, and the Browns.
Now it’s full of people I hold up in awe,
Opening me to things I didn’t know before.
To food that wasn’t sausage, carrot and mash,
The world has opened with a tag and a hash.

I remember playing on slides, swings and bars,
To school walk alone, it wasn’t bizarre,
Of learning times tables out loud by rote,
Sitting up straight, learning of places remote.
I travelled the world with a budget so tight
With no mobile or internet I just had to write.

Watching television with three channels, black and white
Saw the moon landing cross-legged,oh what a sight.
Went to the thunder box with paper on a hook,
Had pots on wood stoves upon which to cook.
I can heat up leftovers from last night so fast
Now with the microwave they said, wouldn’t last.

Listened to music and watched the vinyl turn,
Now storing it in cloud, what is there to yearn?
The clip clop of horses and the milkman in sight,
Now go off to Woolies to find parking, it’s tight.
With the push of a button check the calories I eat,
Feel the bulge of my tummy, better get to my feet.

I trudge on the treadmill watching a show so inane,
Do some rowing, some cycling, until, there’s some pain.
Then out for a latte and a donut or two,
And a chat with my mates, so would you too.
Intently trying to listen, resisting a look.
To check my phone for happenings on my app the facebook.

So here I am old, wrinkly, aching and wise
My figure has gone and I’m double the size.
The children are out and all very grown,
They’ve left me and the nest and now I’m alone.
I like to remember on occasion, it’s true,
But that was the past so it’s now over to you .

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