Dear Friend

File photo of a customer looking at an iPhone 4 at the Apple Store 5th Avenue in New York

The phone signals its callers light,
It’s ring with a special sound bite.
Hello, hi or Yes, I might say,
In response to you, I sit and stay
To talk, to laugh, to be a friend,
For minutes or hours until the end.
I listen, share and cry with you,
For news that’s good and news that’s blue.

But now we talk much less and less,
And when we talk we just digress.
Our ways have parted with the time,
Slowly dying, such a crime.
We still have other means to see,
One another with the family.
Nonstop talk is at an end,
There’s not the time for us to spend.
Still, dear friend when you need me,
Just pick up the phone, dial and see.

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