Happy Anniversary

We took our vows, I remember it well,
You wore blue and I could tell
Your love was pure your heart was mine,
Exchanged our rings it was our sign.
Do you remember what we said?
To each other, out loud we read.
To grow together as people do,
To respect and listen and be true
To one another all our life,
Then became husband and wife.
You look at me, with adoring eyes,
As if I’ve been your only prize.
We had the ups and some downs,
Yet all those years, never a frown.
You shower me with gifts of love,
We fit together, like a glove.
I love how you will never miss,
The time to take, the time to kiss.
You hold my heart in your hands
Your face tells it all, I understand.
Now I want you to forever know,
I’ve loved you always did it show?
Hardly ever have we been apart,
Since we vowed, right at the start.
All those years have gone its true,
Growing old in love with you!


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